ZVOX releases AccuVoice TV speaker for clear dialogue


The capability to increase the dynamic range of audio in movies and TV programs can make for an incredibly compelling viewing experience when watched in a cinema or at home with a decent surround sound system – explosions on film become multi-sensory experiences that transport the viewer into the heat of the action. But problems often arise when these programs are viewed through an average TV’s inbuilt speakers. The sound becomes muddy and the volume needs to be turned way up in order for the dialogue to be audible.

To combat this dialogue clarity problem, ZVOX has released the AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker with built-in hearing aid technology. It is just 17″ wide and about 2.5″ high and, according to ZVOX, uses virtual surround to create realistic, room-filling sound. But key to the speaker’s functionality is ZVOX’s proprietary (patent-pending) AccuVoice technology.

This mimics the function of a hearing aid by isolating voice frequencies and lifting them out of background sounds. A digital processor analyses a soundtrack, and when it detects voices it activates computer algorithms that bring voices forward.

The AccuVoice Speaker uses three very high quality full-range speakers in a computer-designed aluminium cabinet. Aluminium allows the speaker to be very small but still acoustically correct – because the metal is strong and has low resonance.

The centre speaker is crucial to the performance of the AccuVoice speaker, delivering super-clear voice reproduction. The centre speaker anchors the sound’s location so everyone in the room hears the same balanced, natural sound.

The AccuVoice Speaker has two inputs so can be connected to additional audio devices. For example, if the speaker is connected to a Chromecast audio device it can be used as part of a multi-zone WiFi audio system.

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