Zoom certifies Biamp Conference Room Solutions

Zoom Video Communications has certified two of Biamp’s conference room audio bundles, enabling customers to enjoy a complete audio solution in medium and large Zoom Rooms.

Each bundle includes Parlé Beamtracking microphones for the ceiling, along with all the audio equipment needed to build an outstanding Zoom Rooms conferencing experience with superior sound quality and zero cable termination.

Biamp executive vice president of corporate development Joe Andrulis says: “Biamp’s new certified Zoom Rooms bundles let users enjoy the extraordinary audio quality Biamp is known for with full confidence that they will integrate simply and seamlessly with the Zoom platform. These complete solutions make it extraordinarily simple for organisations to select, purchase, and install technology that results in crystal-clear communications — even in large and challenging meeting spaces.”

Zoom PSO solutions architect Ty Buell says: “Biamp technology helps make our customers’ conversations crisp and clear, even in a broad range of complex or customised spaces. The certified Zoom Rooms bundles from Biamp offer our customers a complete audio ecosystem and a much simpler path to enjoying high-quality audio experiences, with easy installation and the full confidence that they will integrate seamlessly and reliably into their Zoom Rooms environment.”

Parlé microphones use patented Beamtracking technology to create dynamic virtual microphones, which track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room to enable an audio experience that makes remote participants feel just as physically present as those in the room.

Two bundles are available for medium and large Zoom Rooms, which each include a TesiraFORTE® VT4 signal processor, TesiraCONNECT™ expander, Tesira EX-UBT USB extender, and the appropriate quantity of Parlé ceiling microphones and Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers for the room size. They also leverage Biamp’s PoE-powered amplifiers with patented Burst Mode technology and include all the necessary mounting accessories and category cabling to complete the installation.

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