ZLINK creates Smart Home Hub

ZLINK smart home hub

ZLINK believes that its Smart Home Hub can stake out a solid position based on its ease of operation and its primary purpose of delivering local voice control of Z-Wave systems and devices, such as lighting, thermostats, door locks, and more.

The tiny but powerful ZLINK Smart Home Hub features built-in WiFi and Z-Wave radios, S2 Security with over-the-air updates, and requires only a USB power supply.  Compatible with Amazon Alexa and certified Z-Wave devices, the hub allows voice control via Alexa, iOS and Android apps, as well as a web interface.

“We wanted to create a simple, small, inexpensive way to provide voice control of a Z-Wave system while providing the new S2 Security capability,” says ZLINK chief executive Mark Walters.

“There are a lot of great hubs out in the market, but we felt they were all too complex, large or expensive.  While the initial launch focuses on easy voice control, we will update the ZLINK Smart Home Hub over time to include all the same features of conventional hubs but at a lower price and with the new S2 Security.”

Mark says that the decision to start with Z-Wave was easy, given that it offers the largest, most diverse and stable ecosystem of products and manufacturers of any home control technology.  As ZLINK grows, the company will look to add other technologies such as Bluetooth, BLE and Mesh.

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