ZeeVee expands ZyPer IP with ZyPerUHD


ZeeVee, distributed by AV Distributors, has announced the expansion of its ZyPer IP based distribution platform with the launch of the new ZyPerUHD.

The new ZyperUHD encoders and decoders offer ultra-low latency, compressed video up to Ultra-HD/4K resolution using a 1Gbps Ethernet switch.  As a result, businesses can use UHD throughout the premises and interconnect different campuses while still using their existing IP.

ZyPerUHD is compatible with ZeeVee’s MaestroZ Management Platform which makes setting it up simple and easy.  The management platform features an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) and allows ZyPerUHD to network to a countless amount of sources and displays.

“Our IP portfolio provides Pro AV and network integrators with a full range of products that best fit their customers’ requirements allowing for greater flexibility and scalability,” says ZeeVee vice president of sales Joe Chordas.

“We have been quick to respond to customers’ requests and have already begun to ship early units of ZyPerUHD to European customers, who have provided very positive feedback.”

Other features of the ZyPerUHD include HDMI input with HDMI loop-out and balanced audio input/output ports making it easy to manage audio while source and display control is applicable through RS232, IR and USB ports.  Above all else, ZeeVee uses industry standard IP networking technology which makes it easy to send HD, UHD or 4K video to any display.

With this expansion, the ZyPer product range can now support most video distribution requirements. For more information, please visit www.zeevee.com.

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