WyreStorm to showcase 4K UHD HDBaseT solutions at CEDIA 2016


CEDIA 2016 will see WyreStorm push the boundaries of point-to-point signal transmission even further with a new line of slim line 4K UHD HDBaseT solutions supporting HDMI 2.0 video standards, HDCP 2.2 content encryption, HDR and internal re-clocking.

The EX-35-H2, EX-70-H2, EX-70-H2-ARC and the flagship model in the new extender range, the EX-70-H2X, were developed specifically for residential and commercial applications to meet the demand for the latest 4K UHD content, source and display devices. Continuing its low-profile chassis design, the latest extenders in the H2 line offer similarly reduced footprint for unbeatable installation convenience behind even the slimmest wall mount.

All models feature HDBaseT distribution of video, audio, bidirectional control via IR, RS-232 serial control and  PoH to remotely power receivers or transmitters. Signal and device activity is indicated by front panel LEDs including power status, signal connection status, HDBaseT connection status and HDCP presence in the signal.

The EX-70-H2X includes two-way PoH for either end to be remotely powered by the other, improved power connectivity via phoenix and threaded DC power port for standard and locking DC power plugs and Ethernet pass-through for the full HDBaseT 5Play feature experience.  The EX-70-H2X also adds multi-stage LED indication to instantly identify signal status and quality to help troubleshoot potential installation issues.

The EX-70-H2-ARC adds ARC functionality to enable digital audio from a display device such as SmartTV to be sent back to the receiver and to other locations via switchable audio control between ARC and local source.  Even older (not-so-smart) TVs can output audio to the receiver Toslink S/PDIF input to enable any TV with an optical output to send its audio.  The transmitter is also able to switch audio output between local HDMI source and ARC from the receiver and the two S/PDIF outputs on the receiver switchable between local ARC and audio breakout of the remote source device.

All extender models support transmission of uncompressed video up to 4096×2160, 30hz, 24hz and 60Hz refresh rates and chroma subsampling rates of 4:2:0 and 4:4:4.  Colour depth for 1080p is supported to 36bit for the EX-35-H2 and 48bit for EX-70-H2, EX-70-H2-ARC and EX-70-H2X, with 4K UHD supported to 24bit and HDR up to 10bit (BT.2020) across the board.

Transmission distances vary depending on model and video resolution, with EX-35-H2 covering distances up to 35m@4K and 70m@1080p and EX-70-H2, EX-70-H2-ARC and EX-70-H2X doubling distances to 70m@4K and 100m@1080p, with the use of Cat6a/7 cable further increasing 4K transmission capabilities to 100m.

WyreStorm marketing director Todd Akins says the additions to their extender line were not solely limited to HDMI 2.0 and HDR support.

“A key aspect of WyreStorm’s ongoing product development is addressing real-world installation issues as well as offering real-world AV benefits,” he says.

“Through testing and dealer feedback we identified clock-stretching issues with certain 4K source devices released in the past year that affected their ability to communicate with connected devices.  To address this, all new models in the H2 extender range now also feature internal re-clocking for improved compatibility with these 4K sources and future-proof point-to-point transmission of 4K content.”

For those heading to CEDIA 2015, you can visit WyreStorm at booth #1705.


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