WyreStorm releases HDBaseT 4K UltraHD matrix switchers with dedicated audio matrix switching

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WyreStorm has leveraged its switching expertise in the design of its first HDBaseT 4K UltraHD matrix switchers to include dedicated audio matrix switching, with both 16×16 (MX-1616-HDBT-H2X) and 10×10 (MX-1010-HDBT-H2X) models being given a global unveiling at CEDIA 2016.

“As our first HDMI/HDBaseT matrix with this level of audio matrix functionality, the H2X is an important release for WyreStorm, both in terms of its powerful feature set for residential and commercial applications, but also as an example of not merely following the trend of keeping up with technology,” says WyreStorm product manager Dave Schorah.

“The H2X is something completely new.  A product that really breaks new ground and opens up incredible integration opportunities for the dealer that we are confident they will appreciate.”

The full-featured H2X matrices are the latest evolution in a long line of HDBaseT matrix solutions and were developed specifically for high-end residential and commercial applications – both demanding zero compression and zero latency signal distribution.  Like the H2 predecessor, this new flagship matrix line features Class A HDBaseT technology to support full 5Play convergence of video, audio, two-way IR control, RS-232, Ethernet and PoH technology to remotely power receivers at display zones.

A step up from previous H2 range, the H2X include both 16×16 and 10×10 models, offering full-range 4K UHD HDMI 2.0 inputs, supporting the latest 4K source devices generating HDR content at 2160p up to 60Hz with full 4:4:4 chroma subsampling rates.  HDBaseT outputs distribute 2160p transmissions at 4:2:0 8-bit @ 60hz or 4:2:0  10-bit HDR (BT.2020) @ 24Hz for full compatibility with the latest 4K UHD content, source and display devices.

Both models continue the WyreStorm tradition of including an equal number of duplicate HDMI outputs on HDBaseT matrices for connection to AVR, additional extender devices or displays, with the H2X upping the ante to include HDMI 2.0 video support to further expand its 4K distribution capabilities to the tune of 16×16+16 (MX-1616-HDBT-H2X) and 10×10+10 (MX-1010-HDBT-H2X).

Wyrestorm believe the H2 will deliver a quality of audio superior to all previous models.

For the first time a WyreStorm HDMI/HDBaseT matrix has been coupled with integrated audio matrix functionality that includes powerful DSP to meet the challenges of any installation by enabling adjustment of audio characteristics, such as EQ, delay and gain.  Up to three separate audio sources can be routed to each of the 16x audio zone outputs (or 10x on MX-1010-HDBT) as pre-out or adjustable line-level, for a total of 48 possible audio inputs (30x on MX-1010-HDBT-H2X), giving maximum flexibility to what audio can be transmitted from where and to where.

Fully compatible with HDMI 2.0 standards and HDCP 2.2, the H2X is tailor-made for large, high-end residential applications requiring multi-source video distribution of the latest 4K HDR content with multi-source audio matrix switching to multiple zones. 4K UHD source devices can be connected and distributed up to 16 zones (10 zones for MX-1010-HDBT-H2X) over HDBaseT to 70m/230ft or 1080p to 100m/328ft.  Audio from video sources can be internally de-embedded, fed into the audio matrix and transmitted with video signals via HDBaseT for audio reinforcement within video zones, from which ARC audio can also be fed back to the matrix for distribution.  Additionally, a further 16 audio-only sources (10x on MX-1010-HDBT-H2X) can be distributed to zones for simple high quality distribution of music from digital audio streaming devices such as Sonos, Apple Airplay and DLNA devices.

Offering real-world benefits and addressing real-world installation issues are key to WyreStorm’s product development, with both models in the H2X line featuring CEC to manage power of both source devices as well as TVs and projectors.  Both models also feature ‘AVR Priority Mode’, which solves the (digital) age-old CI problem of mixing multichannel and stereo zones on a single video matrix by enabling the matrix to prioritise certain zones to have multichannel surround sound where an AVR is on.

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