Wolf Cinema releases TXF Theater Extreme 4K projector series at CES

TXF-5000 AngleWolf Cinema, distributed in A/NZ by Synergy Audio, has announced the release of an all-new series of advanced 4K imaging projectors for the home – three using 6th generation three-chip D-ILA light engine technologies plus a flagship laser/phosphor native 4K/UHD projector, all suitable as stand-alone imaging platforms or mated with two Wolf Cinema external 4K video processors.

The new projectors in the TXF ‘Theater Extreme 4K’ series — models TXF-900, TXF-1400, TXF-2000 and TXF-5000 provide for the ultimate in imaging excellence with all current and future standard definition, HD and Ultra HD consumer video sources. These 2D/3D Wolf Cinema platforms include three traditional lamp-based editions, plus an all-new second generation, high-output Blu-escent laser/phosphor flagship projector.

Every edition in the TXF series incorporates full 18Gbps Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 compatibility — with up to 4K60 4:4:4 sources – in addition to boasting significant increases in peak white performance over earlier editions [up to 3,200 ANSI lumens]. The TXF series also delivers some of the deepest and most revealing black level performances in its class, with full HDR10 imaging compatibility, multiple VariScope aspect ratio memories, custom factory gamut and gamma calibrations, housed in an all-metal chassis for improved thermal coefficients, and much more.

The most exciting member of the TXF series is a second-generation Blu-escent laser/phosphor projector, model TXF-5000. Incorporating an all new, 0.69″ three-chip native 4K D-ILA technology core, and illuminated by a 20,000-hour life Blu-Escent laser diode/phosphor light source, the TXF-5000 boasts 3,200 ANSI lumens of peak white performance, while dynamic contrast approaches “unmeasurable” levels [∞:1] — eminently suitable for very large home theatre screens.

The all-glass, 18-element precision primary optics package facilitates ample lens shift for installation flexibility – ±100% vertical, ±43% horizontal—while maintaining sharpness and clarity throughout the available throw distance. Packed with the latest Ultra HD imaging technologies such as HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma for live HDR broadcasts, easily achieving the BT.709 and Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) colour gamut and over 80% of the ultra-wide BT.2020 colour space.

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