White goods have never been so good! Kohler drives kitchen and bathroom into the future

Kohler has released its new range of smart home products and the KOHLER Konnect platform at the CEDIA Expo 2019. These latest releases bring a new level of connectivity and convenience to the kitchen and bathroom.

The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is an Amazon Alexa-integrator mirror that is activated with voice control. The high-quality grooming mirror features adjustable LED lights for precision routines and a hermetically sealed speakers that let the user focus on what they want to do, not the lighting.

Sensate kitchen faucet lets home owners turn the water on and off, control temperature and pressure with simple motion-based interactions or voice commands. Users can ask the faucet to fill an eight-ounce cup without touching the controls. It also keeps track of water usage through the KOHLER Konnect app.

Creating a spa-like showering experience and preset is now available to consumers through the DTV+ Shower System with KOHLER Konnect. Users can control the sound, water temperature and pressure and lighting with a voice command or wall-mounted interface.

Users can also save water with the eco settings and manage their water usage.

Kohler is offering intelligent toilets to customers with an array of comfort and personal hygiene features. The PureWarmth toilet seat has three preset seat warmth levels which are adjustable and set to the users desires.

On top of that, users can control the timing of the heat application and lighting duration and ambience when in the restroom.

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