What’s Next for Ring Smart Lighting?

As we push into 2020, the future of Ring smart lighting has never looked as promising.

You can now choose from a deep bench of 50 products in the Ring ecosystem to construct that fabled Ring of Security around your connected home.

Back at CES 2020, Ring announced a pair of smart bulbs along with some solar powered outdoor fixtures to strengthen its existing range of smart lighting.

A Foray into Smart Bulbs

Ring showcased a pair of smart bulbs at CES 2020 entering this highly competitive vertical:

  • Smart LED A19 Bulb
  • PAR38 Smart LED Bulb

Smart LED A19 Bulb

After that smart lighting launch at CES 2019, Ring made the natural progression of weaving in some regular smart bulbs.

These outdoor-first bulbs are designed to cope in temperatures from -4F to 104F. If you use the bulbs outside, make sure it’s in a protected area. You can also easily use them inside your connected home. This, in fact, is the primary use case for these bulbs.

You’ll need a Ring Bridge as the gateway for lighting management. Alexa-enabled, take control of bulbs and make adjustments to brightness levels or scheduling hands-free. You can also use the intuitive Ring app for control purposes.

Why not bundle some motion sensors to automate your lighting in line with room occupancy.

Bulbs are single-color white with no scope to adjust color temperature or shade.

As you’d expect from LEDs, you get the usual energy-efficiency combined with impressive lifespan. Save money on replacement bulbs and save month-on-month with optimized power consumption.

A19 bulbs will be available April 1 at $14.99 apiece. We’re looking forward to putting some through their paces.

According to Leila Rouhi, current Ring president, the company is one step closer to the “complete smart home solution” they hope to offer. The key for Ring is not simply that devices work together but that they do so “intuitively and easily”.

As the ring bench expands from alarms and security to motion-activated lighting indoors and out in the yard, we feel they’re pretty close to achieving their goal. We’re already looking forward to what Ring has up its sleeve for CES 2021!

PAR38 Smart LED Bulb

The PAR38 Smart LED Bulb is an outdoor floodlight also announced in Vegas back in January.

Just like the smart bulb, this floodlight is white-only with no shade variation.

Priced at $24.99, this is also expected to hit shelves April 1. Factor in the added expense of a Ring Bridge, too.

Sustainable Outdoor Accent Lighting

Last year’s product launch proved remarkably fruitful for Ring with impressive sales of their outdoor lighting line continuing today.

They’re broadening the range outside in the yard with a clutch of solar-powered lighting fixtures to brighten up 2020. These all perform comparably to the existing models using battery power. The exception is the brighter, hardwired floodlights.

Ring promise the following:

  • Solar Floodlight: This motion-activated floodlight is rated at 1,300 lumen rating. Range extends fully 45 feet
  • Solar Pathlight: This is much like the battery-powered Pathlight but for the solar panel above
  • Solar Steplight: This motion-activated light picks out stairways, decking, and other outside spaces. From the models shown at CES, this solar variant is bulkier than the battery-run equivalent

With the Steplight and Pathlight, solar panels are woven into a flat surface above. The Floodlight, by contrast, uses a detached panel. You can manipulate the positioning to get superior access to sunlight.

As with the entire range of Ring lighting, make provision for the Bridge for connectivity and management.

The Solar Steplight will go for $29.99, the Solar Pathlight is priced at $39.99, and the Solar Floodlight will cost $89.99.  Expect these lights to launch at the start of April, too.

What Else Is New?

Alongside these additions to their smart light offering, Ring also rolled out the following:

  • Privacy Control Center
  • Ring Access Controller Pro

Privacy Control Center

Ring’s much-publicized police partnerships generated a glut of bad press. One of the indoor cameras being hacked salted the wound so Ring felt duty-bound to offer some response.

That response, unfortunately, is less than robust and comes in the form of a new Privacy Control Center for the app. You can opt out of elements of Neighbors you don’t want. Put a stop to any video requests from local police in this command center.

You can also use this new area to control and manage third-party devices connected to your Ring of Security.

Two-factor authentication will come as standard for all new devices.

Ring Access Controller Pro

Finally, something completely different from Ring in the form of a smart gate controller.

Access Controller Pro is intended for hardwiring into existing motorized gates. As such, you’ll need to factor in the expense of professional installation.

Just like a regular smart lock, you’ll enjoy remote access to locking and unlocking your gate with no need to replace your existing lock.

You can pair the controller with a Ring camera or doorbell and you’ll be able to take direct control in-app using Live View.

Final Word

You should now have a clear idea about what’s on the horizon from Ring and whether or not any of these upcoming products interest you. If they do, you don’t have long to wait. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be free to tighten the Ring of Security around your home even further.

Bookmark our blog for a combination of impartial product reviews, how-to guides, and all the latest smart home news. We have a busy content calendar for the coming months so come back soon!

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