What is TCO certification? And why is Casio TCO certified?

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For environmentally conscious integrators among us or just those with environmentally conscious clients, it is probably a good thing to know about TCO certification.

Don’t worry too much about what TCO stands for (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation), the main thing to know is that it is a form of certification based on a product’s eco-friendliness, usability and safety.

TCO certifications first emerged in 1992 focusing on low emission level standards for computer displays and power management features.

The certification has now grown to define standards for a broader array of technology including mobile phones, keyboards, printers and office furniture.

Administered by Swedish based non-for-profit TCO development certification 2.0 has now been granted on a series of projectors for the first time ever.

Five of Casio’s lamp-free projectors, including the XJ-F210WN have been TCO certified.

Such products need to meet life cycle criteria for the environment, health and safety, ergonomics and social responsible manufacturing. This involves diligent verification methods and testing throughout many stages of a product’s life cycle including monitoring manufacturing through to the lifespan of the product.

As part of the Certificate 2.0 criteria, the certification also requires products to meet display quality standards and be equipped with an Eco Mode to reduce energy and noise levels. Furthermore the projectors cannot contain mercury or other hazardous substances.

“We are proud to have declared that our projectors and light sources do not contain mercury,” says Casio Computer executive office digital signage division Toshiyuki Iguchi.

“As a leading manufacturer of lamp-free projectors, we recognize our responsibility to reduce environmental impact by encouraging the shift away from mercury-lamp projectors and reducing CO2 emissions by decreasing power consumption.

“At Casio, we will continue to refine our original light source technologies to further advance our lamp-free projectors.”

This table displays all the Casio projectors which have been TCO certified.

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