What is SI launching at ISE 2020?

Screen Innovations (SI) is demonstrating a wide range of motorised screen technologies designed for installation ease and simple solutions for challenging projects. SI are displaying new-and-improved motors, screen materials and connectivity solutions at ISE 2020 this February.

“We’ve listened to feedback from our dealers and redesigned and expanded our product offerings to reflect our commitment to providing them with the types of products and solutions they need,” SI chief executive Ryan Gustafson says.

“At our core, we are a technology company, and our mission is to bring these technologies to our dealers though continually enhanced screen materials, motorisation capabilities and simpler methods of installation and integration.”

The following products and technologies are featured by SI at ISE 2020:

The world’s first Zigbee 3.0 screens and shades

Zigbee 3.0 turns SI’s motorised screens and shades into communications powerhouses, enabling them to seamlessly interoperate with a wide range of other devices that adhere to the protocol including lighting, voice control and automation systems.

The Zigbee 3.0 ecosystem becomes stronger and stronger and more resilient with the number of devices on the network using a dynamic mesh topology.

Janus low-voltage power and control hub

The latest product from Janus aims to simplify and expand the installation of motorised screens. In the past, integrators had to mount huge panels or run conduit to deliver power and control multiple motorised screens.

With the Janus low-voltage power and control hub, users can now do the same job at a fraction of the size of traditional panels without the need for conduit. Janus is 75% smaller than its closest competitor while still having the capacity to accommodate connections for as many as eight screens and accessories.

Ideal for projects requiring the installation of multiple screens, the expandability of Janus is near limitless and can make use of all wire topologies including Cat5 or Cat6 and can be run 45.7 or more to Si’s largest screen motor.

Fontus enables two-way power and control over two-conductor wire

Fontus enables low-voltage motorised screens to be controlled with any type of traditional two-conductor wiring. It also lets integrators use any wire that may already exist inside a building or home to connect screens to a modern control system.

With Fontus, integrators can make a two-conductor wire perform 485 communication as if it were an eight-conductor wire, significantly simplifying the installation. 

As long as there is a two-conductor wire available near the screen location, Fontus, a dongle that plugs into SI’s new Janus power and control hub, converts low-voltage communications signals and power from a five-conductor system for distribution over two-conductor wire. The signal is decoded for reception at the screen location through a second Fontus dongle with no loss of signal. 

Expansion of low-voltage motorised screen offerings

SI has implemented its low-voltage motor technology across its entire line of motorised screens. After being released in 2017 to only a select few varieties of SI screens, the technology is now available across all screens. This gives integrators worldwide enhanced installation flexibility, versatility and cost savings.

Solo 2 redesigned ultra-compact motorised screen assembly

One of the signature features of the SI Solo 2 motorised cassette is its compact, decorator-friendly design. With sizes starting at 90mm in depth and height, the Solo 2 is 17% smaller than the original version which lets it be installed in places that would otherwise be impossible.

FlexGlass durable and bendable rear-projection glass

SI’s FlexGlass provides integrators with a surface that’s durable yet bendable, keeps a low profile and is available in sizes up to 30,785mm wide by 2,616mm tall. FlexGlass is a highly-versatile rear-projection screen which supports applications including digital signage, projection blending, short-throw projection and as a traditional rear-projection surface.

FlexGlass is also completely bendable and can be configured in a number of ways including as an S-shape, curved against a wall or in a complete 360⁰ circle.

Zero-G long drop motorised screen assembly

Featuring an extended maximum drop of nearly 5m, SI’s newly-designed Zero-G gives integrators a solution when specifying a motorised screen in structures with extremely tall ceilings.

Unlike competing long drop screens, Zero-G has no black mask above the viewing surface. Instead, the Zero-G is housed in a two-piece tube that is suspended from ultra-high molecular eight polyethylene cables, where it deploys at a preset location and unrolls itself.

Black Diamond XL screen

SI will also introduce a new Black Diamond screen, the Black Diamond XL which offers integrators a larger viewing surface than previous versions. In the past, Black Diamond screens were limited to 60” in height, the XL version increases to 76”, making it possible to create a seamless 50” 16:9 optical screen.

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