Wavetrain Distribution launches Artnovion high end acoustic panels

ArtnovionWavetrain Distribution has enhanced its portfolio of acoustical solutions by adding decorative, high end acoustical panels for cinema and professional projects from Artnovion.

“Artnovion creates the sexiest high performance acoustic panels in the world, they are drop dead gorgeous – you can not look away,” says Wavetrain distribution sales manager Paul McLean.

“European designed and made, these panels reflect an individual’s expression. End user’s are not the only ones that will love Artnovion, installers will too, with the superior ‘mechanical’ fixings which translates into far less installation issues.”

Traditional acoustic panels use a chemical or gluing method to attach panels in a room, this doesn’t allow for much adjustment and can only be as good as the surface it is adhered to, as there may be irregularities. It also worthy noting this traditional method destroys walls and panels if ever removed. Thankfully, Artnovion deploy a mechanical fixing system with templates for rapid installation.

Artnovion high end panels have three distinct high end acoustical devices; absorption, diffusion and basstraps. This follows the industry’s recommended practices for interior acoustic devices. Panels are crafted individually by hand in Portugal. Designed not to be hidden, these often striking, unique visual elements add character to complement any interior decor.

The popular Artnovion ‘Andrea’ boasts contrasting densities of fabric, fibre glass veil and foam; along with the rear air gap where velocity of sound declines. This provides Andrea with absorption coefficient (αs) that peaks out at 1.23 at certain frequencies. In short, it is a very efficient panel, up to 30% more than the equivalent block of foam. The ‘Eiger’ basstrap sports a tunable design that can target particular frequency issues which some room dimensions interact with.

“Artnovion is reflective of the Wavetrain engineering ethos and offer a wide selection of specialised and attractive panels not available from another supplier in the industry,” says Wavetrain Cinemas managing director David Moseley.

“Wavetrain defaults to industry standards and these bespoke panels not only look stunning, they perform extremely well; largely due to the Artnovion’s esteemed pedigree in acoustics. Artnovion will enhance the sonic quality of any room.”

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