VuWall responds to COVID-19 with free visualisation tool

In light of difficult working conditions caused by COVID-19, VuWall has offered a free software download of its visualisation tool for the quick creation of temporary emergency video wall control centres.

The offer is intended to boost delivery times of such installations.

“In this time of crisis, coordination teams within municipalities, newsrooms and healthcare facilities are actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and managing response efforts. These decision-makers need to access all kinds of information in order to make fast decisions and share information with their colleagues and in some cases, the public,” VuWall chief executive Paul Vander Plaetse says.

“We hope that by offering our VuWall2 for no cost as a way to create a temporary emergency video wall control center, we can aid key organisations in managing this influx of data and help keep people informed. We want to assist as many organisations as possible, which is why we will be offering first come, first served setup and support.”

By downloading VuWall2, any screen can become a command centre as the software gives users access to and integrates visual information from many different sources on one screen, including web pages, computers on the network, IP cameras, local applications as well as collaboration and video conferencing tools.

Set up time is around an hour and can control any system connected to the same network.

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