VuWall increases control room productivity with latest VuWall 2 features

VuWall has announced an update to its flagship video wall control and collaboration platform, VuWall 2. The update will include coloured borders and colour detection, support for the Milestone XProtect unified security platform, further integration with the IHSE Draco tera matrix and extended KVM support of IP sources.

The coloured borders automatically trigger with events such as intrusion detection or fire alarms. This effect is completely configurable and can be enhanced with a flashing effect, which can increase operator responsiveness.

A colour detection feature can trigger a completely new layout after the system recognises a colour change in a specific pixel location on the source computer. This feature enables unattended operator systems to remain under complete surveillance at all times without an operator present.

Milestone XProtect support is also upgraded, building on the initial Milestone plug-in from a year ago. This backs up the company’s commitment to third-party video management software solutions. Customers have the option to simultaneously visualise all of their Milestone streams alongside other sources on the VuWall.

Operators now have the capability of routing the related USB feeds thanks to the Draco tera matrix switch, bringing full KVM control to the video wall.

By expanding the platform’s KVM capabilities, the VuWall now facilitates the control of IP sources, accommodating the evolution of AV-over-IP and future-proofing the video wall solution.

“A control room must be a highly flexible environment where end users can monitor multiple streams of information efficiently and effectively in order to make critical decisions quickly and accurately,” VuWall chief executive Paul Vander Plaetse says.

“This update to VuWall2 is part of our commitment to ensure our customers work as optimally as possible. Each of these enhancements serves to make the integration and operation process seamless, which is key when there’s an ever-increasing number of equipment, data streams and sources needed to support real-time decision-making.”

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