VeraSecure 24/7 ‘security guard’ and smart home controller

VeraSecure 247 security guard and smart home controllerVeraSecure, which is distributed by Digital Home Systems, is an easy-to-install comprehensive home controller. It’s like an alarm security panel in a box and includes a full featured alarm security system.

It does more than security, with the ability to adjust thermostats, control lights, garage doors and more. It allows users to operate everything from one easy app on their smart phone, tablet or computer from everywhere.

Users will never have to arrive home to a dark house, with the ability to schedule lights to turn on before they enter their home with a VeraSecure System. It also gives users the peace of mind of being sure when their kids come home through automatic notifications received with a motion sensor and security camera connected to the system.

These cameras and sensors, as well as a siren, ensure the home is monitored from anywhere on the user’s mobile device and ensures pets are safe.

With no monthly fees and no contracts, the VeraSecure System can help users save money and energy in their home with control of lighting, heating and cooling.

It will be available in Australia in the second half of 2017.

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