Vera increases functionality with its latest gateway product


Vera has launched the VeraEdge – a Z-Wave gateway that allows users to control their smart home devices from a mobile device or computer and allows them to schedule events based on motion or light triggers. The product also allows the user to save their favourite temperature or lighting settings and apply them with one click any time.

This new model has energy saving features like geofencing, which notifies the system when the user is coming home. The controller will adjust the temperature in the bedroom or living room in anticipation of the users arrival.

Depending on the accessories added, the VeraEdge is capable of remotely locking doors and windows, doubling as a security system with motion sensors and video cameras. It can be an energy saving device with light dimmers, thermostat and AC controller functionality. It can help to monitor, smoke, flood and carbon monoxide within the home and just make life easier by opening the garage door or turning on the sprinklers from the users phone. 

The manufacturer has significantly improved its Z-Wave Plus support since the first version of UI7 and continues to release updates to keep up with the latest technology.  It has a faster processor, more memory, easy WiFi pairing and improved multi-camera management.

It also retains the features that proved popular in the previous models including the standard interface across all platforms, preconfigured device settings for easy set-up, periodic household energy consumption reports and a customisable dashboard.

To set the unit up, plug the device in and connect it to the internet with the Ethernet cable provided. Then register the unit via the VeraControl website.  

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