VBELL SIP intercom system

VBELL SIP intercom systemVBELL SIP, which is distributed by Digital Home Systems, is a new and innovative intercom system that allows users to answer and unlock their door from anywhere in the world using a smart phone, VOIP phone or tablet device.

The app works best with an onsite Wi-Fi connection but if configured correctly there is no noticeable difference via 3G/4G mobile data connection.

VBELL SIP features a built-in IP camera that supports up to 1280 x 720HD video and can be integrated within the Fibaro Home Automation solution or similar systems supporting most IP-PBX, SIP, RTSP, ONVIF standards.

It uses the H264 video and G722 audio codecs to provide users with the highest quality video image and audio clarity similar to FaceTime or a Skype call.

Other features include:

  • SIP (FRC3261) protocol
  • RTSP Protocol
  • ONVIF Protocol
  • HTTP Protocol for MJPEG Video stream
  • Built-in one Call Button
  • Built-in One Relay output ( control door lock or Lighting )
  • Built-in One DI port ( for Door sensor, PIR, Emergency button )
  • Built-in AEC ( Acoustic Echo Cancellation )
  • Supports SIP Registered mode and P2P mode
  • Auto-answer
  • Video record Function
  • Built-in RFID MiFare Card Reader
  • Up to 3000 RFID ID card data.
  • Built-in PoE ( IEEE802.3af ) (optional DP-104P)

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