Vaddio releases its newest audio solution

Vaddio has added the Vaddio Ceiling Speaker and USB Audio Bundle to its full suite of conferencing and collaboration products.

Optimised for easy installation and accurate voice reproduction the Vaddio Ceiling Speaker is a 2-way speaker, built with a specially designed coaxially mounted cone tweeter and a high-performance 4” metallised cone woofer and rubber driver surround for long-lasting use. The speaker can be flush mounted in a wall or ceiling and comes with a lightweight ceiling tile brace.

Vaddio product manager Scott Rolfes says: “With the growth in hybrid learning spaces, we see an increasing need for remote participants and on-premise faculty and students to easily communicate during live classes. This is achieved by selecting quality speakers optimized for voice and collaboration, not repurposing speakers used for building paging or settling with built-in display speakers. Having people huddled around a shared laptop is not an option anymore.”

Vaddio refreshed its popular EasyTalk Audio Bundle with a new USB Audio Bundle which includes a pair of the new speakers, two best-selling CeilingMIC ceiling microphones and an EasyUSB Mixer/Amp for a complete audio solution suitable for most conference room and classroom sizes. The USB Audio Bundle provides driverless, plug and play audio with popular videoconferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, GotoMeeting and more.

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