Control KNX buildings with your Windows PC or Mac easily

This article describes how to install and use ayControl KNX on your PC or Mac so that you can control and visualise your smart building from these devices.
In order to run ayControl you need the Chrome browser and the ARC Welder extension.

1. Download ayControl APK file

Download the ayControl APK file.

2. Install Chrome

If you haven’t installed it already you can download and install Chrome from

3. Install the ARC extension for Chrome.

Next, download and install the ARC extension by opening the following Link in Chrome: (Note: The file is about 100 MB large so the download may take a couple of minutes).

4. Start ARC Welder

Now you should see a Shortcut to “Chrome App Launcher” on your desktop and your task bar. Open it. In the following window choose “ARC Welder” to launch it. When you first start it, ARC Welder prompts you for a directory to store its files. You can create a new folder on your computer and select it.

5. Load ayControl APK file

Select “Add your APK” and open the APK file you have previously downloaded.

6. App settings

You will now see a window which allows you to configure the app settings. You can choose whether you want ayControl to run in portrait or landscape format and whether you want it to be the size of a smartphone, tablet or fullscreen. We recommend the settings “Landscape” and either “Tablet” oder “Maximized”, depending on whether you want to run ayControl in a window or in fullscreen mode.
The setting “Clipboard Access” controls whether or not the app can access the operating system’s clipboard. Additionally, you should copy {"sleepOnBlur": false} into the field “Additional Metadata”, to prevent ayControl from going to standby and lock.
Once you are done choosing your preferred settings click “Test”.

7. Credentials and profile

Congratulations, ayControl is now running on your computer! In order to use the app’s full functionality you still need to enter the credentials for your upgrade package and open your personal profile.
Open the settings menu by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner. Then select “About ayControl” > “Account / Credentials” and enter your email and password.
In order to load your profile open the settings menu again. Select “Profile” > “Load file” and select your A3Z profile file.

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