URC puts strong focus on two-way control for home automation

urc homw automation

URC has expanded the versatility of Total Control smart whole-house automation by adding two-way modules to operate some of the biggest names in the business, including Bose, Honeywell and Philips HUE.

The company says that this group of new modules will be followed by even more modules very soon.

“This is just the beginning of a strong series of new two-way modules that are sure to please Total Control owners and installers,” says URC directory of corporate communications Jon Sienkiewicz.

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Music System module provides effortless, two-way integration with Bose SoundTouch wireless music systems. This family of products is among the most comprehensive in the industry and home automation through URC gives customers another simple way to access and enjoy Bose audio throughout their home.

Philips HUE end-users can set the hue, brightness and separation with Total Control. Users can create groups for bulbs so they can be controlled as a group for specific areas in the home. Total Control supports many products under the HUE line and features easy-to-use interface that controls light power, colour and brightness.

The two-way module for Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostat allows full control of any Honeywell thermostat via IP, providing control of virtually every thermostat function available. This module can monitor and adjust temperatures, humidity, operating mode, fan mode and hold mode. Plus, there’s full access to the entire line of thermostats and users can configure macros to trigger multiple events for temperature and humidity.

CoolMasterNet is an advanced bridge that seamlessly integrates Total Control with various HVAC systems. Dealers no longer have to worry about installing complex HVAC systems and scratch their heads dealing with complicated communication protocols. Users can easily change thermostat modes, fan modes and louver positions. It also allows two-way commands of temperature, setpoints, fans and much more.

Tekmar two-way module controls thermostats and setpoint control devices connected to a Tekmar tN4 Gateway 482. In addition, installers can set automation macros so that customers can change thermostat modes, fan speeds, humidity and set two-way events as well.

Completely integrated with Total Control, users with Hunter Douglas PowerView can create scenes and set exactly when shades are to roll. Shades can be programmed to move as the lights change or to follow a daily schedule.

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