UFC boasts brand new LED display

UFC LED display

The aim of the newly designed UFC global corporate campus in Las Vegas was to encapsulate the global brand’s name as a world-class organisation. This was immensely helped by the NanoLumens 2.5mm ENGAGE series LED display which was placed in the main lobby to give visitors a glimpse at the campus’ magnificence.

“Having worked with NanoLumens on other important Las Vegas projects, I knew that their display would deliver the lightweight, superior-quality, highly reliably solution that we needed for this critically important space,” says National Technology Associates chief operating officer H Waldman.

“The new lobby is the first opportunity that UFC has to present its brand image to every visitor who walks into the building, so it was crucial that this display creates an immediate ‘wow’ factor, while also enticing visitors to explore the rest of this incredible facility.”

The 2.5mm pixel-pitch NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch ENGAGE Series measures 3.8m by 6m and has the capability to play live feeds and split into multiple screens while still streaming high-quality audio. The display also goes beyond high definition with a screen resolution of 2,688 x 1,536.

No architectural or structural changes were needed during the installation process as well as the NanoLumens displays are very thin and lightweight.

“This display welcomes guests into the building, so it was imperative that it could be relied upon to constantly present a clear, high-quality image,” says NanoLumens vice president of sales for the US Dave Merlino.

“Blown pixels, distorted images, or any other display imperfection would send the wrong message to arriving visitors. The 6-year warranty and front serviceability of NanoLumens displays made them the absolute best choice for this installation.

“Now, every visitor who enters UFC’s campus will see clear, high-resolution video and imagery that communications the exciting and expanding world of their company.”

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