TruAudio introduces the A75 amp

A75 truaudio amp

TruAudio has released a digital amplifier with the most advanced protection circuitry on the market, the A75 amplifier.

The A75 amplifier saves more power than traditional amplifiers, with digital circuitry allowing the entire amp to run at a cooler temperature, reducing the build-up of heat in the racks.

The amp delivers 75 watts of power for each of its 12 channels in stereo mode and jumps to 150 watts when changed to bridge mode. TruAudio has also incorporated the dynamic design of a ground lift switch into the A75 amplifier model, solving any ground loop issues you may run into during installation.

One local and two global inputs are included in the amp and with up to six zones supported it is ideal for multi-room audio solutions.

Sporting a smaller and cleaner 2U chassis than previous TruAudio amplifiers, the A75 is perfect for those who demand amazing audio and unprecedented reliability. Accompanying the sleek design of the amp are metallic buttons illuminated in soothing hues of blue.

The amp is ideal for plugging into the TruAudio BD-8WT pendant speakers or the B23 series and sink into the undeniable power and control of the great sounding A75 amplifier.

TruAudio is distributed by Advance Audio Australia.

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