Tripleplay announces integration with Mersive Solstice ahead of ISE 2020

Tripleplay has announced integration with Mersive Solstice ahead of ISE 2020 this February. It will allow for a seamless transition between Solstice meeting room content sharing and Tripleplay’s digital signage solution, making use of screen time throughout organisations which aims to enhance staff communications and engagement.

The Mersive solution boosts productivity by putting content at the centre of the meeting experience, engaging participants with a software-based interface, making it easier to share content from any device.

“The integration between Tripleplay and Solstice exemplifies how great software is transforming the meeting room experience,” Mersive chief executive Rob Bagley says.

“What once required two proprietary hardware devices now requires just one commodity platform with robust software from two partners that has been seamlessly integrated.”

Key features in the integration include distribution of content to any Solstice-enabled device, easy management of displays across the enterprise, display of Tripleplay digital signage content and digital signage and wireless content sharing on the one platform.

“Mersive integration is a great new simple innovation for Tripleplay and a feature that has been requested by a number of our corporate clients around the world,” Tripleplay head of software development Mike Ditum says.

“I’m excited to be able to showcase this technology at ISE along with a number of new product updates that will be part of the upcoming Caveman 3.0 software release.”

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