Tripleplay and ONELAN to be combined company under Uniguest ownership

Following its recent acquisition of ONELAN in June of last year, Uniguest has added Tripleplay to its portfolio in an acquisition move that will provide mutual access to technology, expertise and partners as the digital signage industry continues to develop.

The deal will allow Tripleplay and ONELAN to leverage the group’s financial and support infrastructure to drive significant global expansion, by offering a complete solution built from the expertise of both organisations.

The acquisition is an opportunity for Uniguest to market Tripleplay’s award-winning IPTV and interactive portal to its own hospitality and senior living clients, while extending its reach further.

The combined Triplplay/ONELAN organisation will be led by Tripleplay chief executive Steve Rickless who says the development is a game changer for his company.

“Our market-leading solutions combined with the ONELAN product set will be one of the most powerful combinations available in today’s market, and the partnership will allow us to deliver innovation and enhanced service. Backed by the strength of Uniguest, this gives us the opportunity to deliver our aggressive strategic vision for the business.”

ONELAN chief compliance officer Hugh Coghill-Smith adds that the merger will provide additional to clients as their needs continue to expand.

Uniguest chief executive Jeff Hiscox says that following the integration of ONELAN into their portfolio in 2018 they reviewed providers who could offer complementary solutions aligned with Uniguest’s core strategy to deliver digital engagement to the industries it operates in.

“Tripleplay was by far the best solution in the market and fit this profile perfectly; we’re delighted to bring them under the Uniguest umbrella. By pairing Tripleplay with ONELAN, we are creating a powerhouse for the AV industry and are excited to start this journey.”

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