Torus Power to showcase new isolation transformers at InfoComm

Torus Power has announced that after taking a short break to develop its custom installation offering the company will be returning to InfoComm this year, which is being held in Las Vegas from 6-8 June.

Torus will be showcasing its full line of toroidal isolation transformers, including the Wall Mount (WM) line, POWERBLOCK (PB) units, the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) series and the TOT series at booth N2834.

In commercial applications, an effective power foundation is key to levelling the playing field and ensuring that all equipment in the system is performing at its optimal level.

“Having isolated, clean power is like building a good foundation for a property. If you don’t start with power and build upon that, then your system will never perform to its maximum capabilities. It’s just that simple,” says Torus Power president and chief operating officer Kevin Main.

“Whether it’s a mission critical environment like a recording studio, a large-scale integration like digital signage or something as simple as a conference room, integrators should make sure they are giving the equipment they install the best possible chance to perform to its best capability.”

When installing the expansive and expensive systems typically found in commercial spaces, integrators can’t afford to leave equipment unprotected and vulnerable to harmful power conditions. Kevin says this is why Torus Power uses a toroidal isolation transformer to physically decouple the equipment from the power supply. This delivers safer, cleaner power for sophisticated AV systems with a substantially low noise floor, resulting in performance benefits that are noticeable, compelling and appealing.

The wide variety of toroidal isolation transformers on display at InfoComm are for applications across vertical commercial markets including education, house of worship, corporate, government, entertainment, retail, broadcast studios and healthcare.

The WM series is designed for larger projects with 240V input and has all the features of Torus Power’s rack mount units packed into a system for applications with no rack space to spare. Torus Power will be showcasing the WM 60 BAL AVR2 TVSS, a toroidal isolation transformer that feeds up to eight racks with 60V output. It features cloud-based monitoring, automatic voltage regulation and transient voltage surge suppression. It responds in under five nanoseconds to manage surges up to 80,000 amps, offering additional noise filtration of EMI and RFI.

The Torus PB series of isolation transformers bring enhanced performance and protection to even the smallest AV systems. The new PB 4 isolates outlet pairs to separate source components from power components for a cleaner signal and exceptional AV experience, while the smaller PB 2 is ideal for applications where only a few critical components need protection and power isolation.

The AVR units, including the AVR, AVR 2 and TOT AVR, employ automatic voltage regulation to provide superior protection from voltage sags, surges and brownouts. The AVR2 20 RK isolation transformers feature Ethernet control and IP addressability for remote monitoring and management. These enhance the performance of any commercial equipment while also protecting it from surges, spikes and brownouts that can be caused by a variable grid.

The TOT series, which is the little brother to the AVR series, delivers the same features as the AVR units at a more affordable price. The TOT AVR is housed in a compact, 2U chassis and rated at 4amps. It’s designed for smaller systems requiring optimal performance and consistency. AVR units keep connected equipment within the optimal operating range of 115V to 125V, with an input voltage of 90V to 130V +/-10V, regardless of line voltage fluctuations.

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