Torus Power to present CEDIA training session at ISE 2018

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Torus Power, together with UT-based electrical contractor Erdmann Electric, is presenting a CEDIA training session on power management and power conditioning at ISE 2018.

The 90 minute course – titled Power Management and Conditioning – will be taught by Ken Erdmann of Erdmann Electric and Torus Power chief executive and president Kevin Main.

The Power Management and Conditioning class will give home technology professionals and other AV integrators a better understanding of proper power conditioning for electronic systems, the causes of electrical noise and surges, and important grounding requirements for any size system.

Attendees will leave with practical knowledge and actionable insights, as they will be given the chance to explore real-life scenarios that need examination and resolution under the guidance of industry experts.

Learn How to Apply Effective Power Products in Any Installation

The course will cover the appropriate methods of effective power conditioning, as well as how to handle phase and polarity issues. Attendees will learn how to implement grounding requirements relevant to voltage regulators, surge protectors, and uninterrupted power supplies. They will learn the difference between power conditioning and power isolation, and the equipment requirements for each.

Become a Pro in Power Management, Troubleshooting, and More

At the end of the course, students should be able to diagnose the sources of electrical noise and surges in circuits, indentify the reasons for power quality issues, such as over/under voltages, brownouts, spikes and sags, and demonstrate the use of code-approved power conditioning methods in any size application.

Understand Power to Improve the Quality of Today’s High Resolution AV Systems

“Clean power is essential to achieving the highest quality sound and video from today’s systems. Yet, it’s an often-misunderstood topic,” says Torus Power president and chief executive Kevin Main.

“This course will teach integrators how to troubleshoot power problems and apply the appropriate, code-approved power management methods to enhance the overall reliability and performance quality of the systems they install.”

The course will take place 8 February 2018 at 11:30am (local time) in room D202 of the RAI Exhibition and Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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