Top IoT posts of 2016


Digital transformation, IoT ecosystem, open IoT – these are just a few of this year’s IoT catchwords. What was hot in 2016 on the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog and what will we definitely carry over into 2017?

Here are my blog highlights for 2016:

BCWWhy a Bosch IoT cloud?

What are the key requirements of an IoT cloud? Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner describes the five patterns an IoT cloud must be able to support.

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Image_Gallery_boschBPS_nov14_097-2_150x150How to start a data analytics project in manufacturing 

What knowledge do you need to conduct a data analytics project? Here are some answers.


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Header_the_shipyard_communitiesBuilding the next communities in San Francisco 

What does it take to create a smart community? I had the honor to blog about a special project: It enhances quality of life in the San Francisco Shipyard communities by connecting four different areas of people’s lives.

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Screenshot_1_verbessert_Matthias_MaxDesigning an IoT business model in 2 days 

Matthias Marx explains how to use his knowledge of gamification to design a business model for a new car-sharing experience – in just two days.


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Container 4.0_headerContainer 4.0: Smart transport on the high seas

Over 1.3 billion tons of food spoils before it even reaches consumers! This is largely due to quality losses during transportation. Read how smart containers can save food from going to waste.

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1-BEG-21862_1200x520How connected freight trains will revolutionize freight traffic

Connected trains have the potential to revolutionize freight traffic. Some 300 freight cars have already been upgraded. What is the software behind this?

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First-European-testbed-fixed2The three challenges of IoT solution development

Rapid application development for the IoT, building customizable IoT solutions, managing device heterogeneity and diversity – does this sound familiar? Kai Hackbarth shares insights into how to master these challenges.

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HeaderIndustry 4.0 and the IoT – market trends for the next years

What are the trends in Industry 4.0 and the IoT for the coming years? Arnold Vogt from Experton Group elaborates on eight topics set to dominate the market.

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© 2012 Norman A. MüllerA commercial building where everything is connected

An eight-story timber high-rise building is now connected. This project offers excellent insights into how to implement the IoT in buildings. Real data from a real building!

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For a company to find its Macintosh Moment in IoT, it needs to harness the combined power of Design Thinking with User Experience design.The Macintosh moment – how UX and Design Thinking help you find it

Do you remember when the first Apple Macintosh appeared in 1984? It taught the industry at least one vital thing: to focus on the consumer’s desires. Today this idea is called Design Thinking. Paul Hatch on the importance of Design Thinking and User Experience in the context of the IoT.

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Other things you hopefully didn’t miss in 2016:

open-iotOur social media hit: No one can do I(o)T alone.

Why are open standards so important to the IoT? This infographic provides some insights.

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1-BBM-21856(1)_1200x520Our mobility hit: What do we want the future of mobility to look like?

One-seaters for singles? Cars that fly and can fit in any parking spot? What will the future of mobility look like? Read 2016’s most successful blog post in the mobility category.

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Header_Thomas_Jakob_1200x520Our share hit: Industry 4.0 gaining momentum in Asia Pacific

What are the biggest issues manufacturers face in mature and emerging countries across Asia? And how can Industry 4.0 help them overcome these challenges?

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