THX-HAA training comes to Melbourne

Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) and THX are partnering up again for the THX-HAA Melbourne 2017 Training Session, which will be held at Synergy Audio Visual on 3-7 April 3-7 Heidelberg Heights, Victoria.

Three new training certifications and classes are being offered, including an advanced audio and acoustics class to follow up on HT1 and HT2 classes for THX Techs. The HT1 and HT2 classes have also been overhauled and include important discussion topics like Dolby Atmos, new acoustical treatment strategies and a new more efficient calibration process.

Integrators will learn the latest state-of-the-art techniques to design an acoustically perfected listening room, including correct speaker, seating, sub–woofer and acoustical treatment placement. They get hands-on work during the Integrator and Advanced Integrator Workshops, with an introduction to professional listening techniques in the Integrator Workshop and extensive listening training in the Advanced Integrator Workshop.

The training session also includes correct use of audio analysis tools (RTA, FFT, ETC) and use of the AVPro Report Writing Software, equalisation training, and in the Advanced Integrator Workshop, actual calibration of a parametric EQ. Follow-up support available via the THX and HAA community and web portals,

Upon completion of the certification tests, participants will earn both the HAA and THX certifications and permission to use these logos on their website and business cards.

THX-HAA HT1 Advisor Certification (Apr 3): This class teaches the fundamentals of proper Home Theatre design principles. Professional design requirements for room construction and room layout, including the proper positioning of seating, speakers, sub-woofers and acoustical treatment will be discussed. The class will focus on creating a clear understanding using basic terminology and will discuss ways for integrating proper acoustical design with modern interior design preferences.

THX-HAA HT2 Integrator Certification (Apr 4-5): This class focuses on how-to design/calibrate, with the class evenly split between class room training and a hands-on workshop. It was designed for the integrator but continues with the HT Design principles introduced in the HT Advisor class. It discusses acoustical principles and includes the HAA TurboCal Workshop. Training high points include learning how to use an FFT and RTA analyser, how to be a pro listener, calibration documentation, advanced subwoofer calibration, speaker and seating placement, and designing a practical acoustical treatment strategy. Attendance within the past year at the THX HT1 Adviser class is a prerequisite.

THX-HAA HT3 Advanced Integrator Certification (Apr 6-7): Previously known as the HAA Level II, this workshop is a hands-on session designed to bring all the prerequisite training to the test. Participants are teamed with no more than five others and tasked to incrementally design and calibrate a high performance system. The team is asked to complete the HAA PowerCal process including several eye-opening instructor-led learning sessions conducted with a live system. Previous THX-HAA HT2 Integrator class attendance within the past year is a prerequisite.

What to bring: Laptops and test gear will be provided but participants can bring their own laptop and test gear tool for specific advice. Workshops use the AudioTools Audio Analysis package for iPad and the HAA Audio Calibrator Kit. Cancellations are not allowed within 30 days of the event. Refunds are not possible but an effort will be made to accommodate you in the next available class within one year.

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