Thor Technologies introduces USB turbo charger

Thor Technologies introduces USB turbo chargerAustralian power protection company Thor Technologies has introduced the E1/45U Smart Protect 6, a four-outlet power board with two USB ports.

The USB power ports automatically adjust to the voltage of your smart technology to charge your devices quicker, and unlike many USB-type chargers that are limited to 2.4A or less per port, this model will supply up to 4.8A from a single port.

The SmartProtect 6 protects from power surges and also filters and cleans electrical frequency noise for unbeatable sound and video quality. It also has an earth detection LED to enable a good earth connection so the protector will last longer. All serious power protection diverts excess energy to earth first.

The SmartBrain filter covers a comprehensive range of unwanted frequency noise and works both ways, stopping noise from robbing equipment performance as well as connected devices’ noise contaminating power.

The four protected and filtered outlets have a spaced and angled socket to accommodate large plug adaptors. It features Pay TV connection (in and out), AV/TV connection (in and out) and RJ45 data protection (in and out).

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