The zConnect WMSD device

zConnect WMSD deviceThe new zConnect WMSD device, which is distributed by Digital Home Systems, is a Z-Wave battery operated module that can also work as a Z-Wave network if connected to external power.

It features eight inputs for external switches, inputs for low voltage power (or battery), S-Bus port for the external temperature/humidity sensor and sophisticated firmware to support multiple functions.

The zConnect for wall mounted switches/dimmers contains a Z-Wave 500 Series Chip that supports the latest Z-Wave Plus features. It has a battery life of 10,000 clicks, an operating temperature from 0°-50°C and RF power output of 2MW.

A Z-Wave certified portable or stationary controller can communicate with the Z-Wave 500 Series Module.

It supports encrypted communications via the Security Command Class to prevent hacking and supports the Over the Air (OTA) feature for the product’s firmware upgrade.

Depending on the capability of the controller or gateway software, operations that can be performed with zConnect include:

  • Turn the associated device ON and OFF.
  • Dim the associated device.
  • Control multilevel devices like Z-Wave dimmer, roller shutter or window chain winder.
  • Scene control via Z-Wave Gateway (scene activation set).
  • Scene control on Z-Wave Gateway (central scene).
  • Include or remove the zConnect Z-Wave module for wall mounted switches/dimmers from Z-Wave network.
  • Over-the-air firmware update by the gateway (if the gateway has the OTA function) or static controller.
  • Lifeline function which automatically notifies the associated modules and the network that a manually reset device is no longer in the network, making the corresponding association invalid.
  • Optional temperature and humidity multilevel sensor can be connected to zConnect WMSD module.
  • Z-Wave zConnect WMSD module provides 18 association groups.

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