The Springs Church upgrades with Martin Audio’s WPS system

Sight and Sound Technologies upgraded the audio at The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a Martin Audio WPS system, the first installation of the new system in the United States.

Sight and Sound Technologies chief operating officer Kris Johnson explains that the upgrade was basically a new PA system: “They had an aging left-centre-right line array system that in some respects was overkill for what they needed plus they were starting to have some problems with the speakers.”

Kris says that the church planned on repurposing the old system for another room which worked out really well time wise as they could just move them to the next room.

“We had already installed the Martin Audio WPM system on multiple occasions and really liked it,” Kris says.

“Then we got to hear the new WPS system at a trade show and it was like the WPM with more beef because of the 8” drivers so we decided to look at those for the sanctuary. When we ran the projections, the system looked amazing so we moved forward with it.”

The Springs Church sanctuary seats 2,000 and gets wider from the stage towards the back corners of the room. Kris says this presented a challenge as the installation team needed to make sure there was enough power in the WPS system to reach the expanding back.

The whole installation consists of six WPS enclosures a side flown off an I-beam with six CDD8 for front fill mounted across the front lip of the stage, all powered by an iK81 amp with one-box resolution for optimum coverage, impact and the extra control.

“WPS does both speech and music incredibly well. Bottom line, the church is ecstatic, both the staff and the congregants, which is the most important thing,” Kris says.

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