The Smappee energy monitor

Smappee Energy Monitor

Smappee has introduced a brand new energy monitor for homes. The device recognises the electrical signature of each appliance in the home and gives the user cost and consumption for each device over a period of time.

The most attractive feature of the monitor is how easy it is to install with it only needed to connect to the fuse box of the house via a clip-on sensor – from there, you let Smappee do the rest.

Due to the fact that each appliance has its own ‘melody’, the monitor recognises each appliance as long as they’re using over 60W of power and then reads its energy use off that.

All appliances can be labelled in the app and each one shows its distinctive power usage over the course of time – the appliances that are turned off and on the most will be recognised first, then smaller appliances after that.

The best thing about this device is that it monitors each appliance separately which lets you identify which appliances are the most energy consuming and enables you have an itemised bill.

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