The Savant Pro Audio 4 exclusively available for Savant integrators

savant pro 4

Savant has released its first scalable, wired, all-in-one music solution exclusively for Savant Pro integrators, the Savant Pro Audio 4.

The product features built-in streaming, distribution and amplification for complete audio immersion. With a 50-watt amplifier, integrated audio processing and four zones of high-quality audio that sync automatically between rooms, users can play eight channels of immersive fidelity straight from the Savant Pro App or Pro Remote. The Pro Audio 4 includes a single stream of Savant Music and supports additional streaming through the Savant Smart Host to personalise music in individual rooms.

The solution offers flexibility in deployment, up to three Pro Audio 4 units can be interconnected, expanding the range from four zones to twelve for a synchronised, whole-home audio experience. Additionally, multiple installation options make it ideal for either new construction or retrofit.

“Delivering a high-fidelity entertainment experience has always been a hallmark of the Savant brand,” said Savant chief executive William Lynch.

“We set a new standard in entertainment, control and automation with the recently introduced Savant Pro Remote, and the Pro Audio 4 builds on that by giving our integrators an incredible music experience for clients.”

The Savant Pro 8.1 features software updates and scheduled personalised scenes with Sonos. This functionality can allow a home owner to set the scene to ‘relax’ which will initiate a relaxing playlist to kick in and the lights to dim. New features in 8.1 also include whole-home music distribution from the Savant Pro Remote for control of music throughout the house from one interface, as well as quicker access to volume controls and zone filtering.

William says Savant Integrators have been asking for these new features.

“At Savant, we’re constantly working to ensure our Integrators have the tools they need to deploy best-in-class systems,” he says.

“By releasing regular software updates, our customers can be confident they’ll always have the best home automation experience possible.”

Savant is distributed by Emersive Tech in Australia and New Zealand. 

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