The HDBridge3000 from ZeeVee


The HDBridge3000 is the newest product offered by ZeeVee. It is a high-density system in a compact 3RU chassis used to distribute HD and SD video throughout client facilities.   

“The new HDBridge3000 is available for immediate deployment. We have already seen interest for this product across multiple key verticals but especially in the broadcast, hospitality and medical markets,” says ZeeVee vice president of marketing and North American sales Chris Scurto.

With the uptake of AV over IT and the growing demand for 4K video, ZeeVee is engineering new technologies that bring the same ease of use as its current RF platforms that are already delivering video to over a million screens worldwide.

The company says its new technologies challenge conventional, and often proprietary, distribution systems, providing integrators total flexibility and scalability to future proof their end-customers’ investments.

ZeeVee is distributed in Australia by AV Distributors.

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