The Cinema Designer launch Media Room design option


The Cinema Designer (TCD) has launched a Media Room design option that creates media room designs in minutes complete with support documents.

TCD was initially developed to help home theatre installers quickly design level screening rooms but now the Media Room option gives the power of The Cinema Designer to media room installers.

The Media Room account option provides professionals with account management and a job history portal, 3D CAD drawings of the media room, full media room proposals, 5.1 or 7.1 legacy codecs, in-room loudspeakers, single subwoofers and an interactive seating configuration.

It also comes with a Cinema Room Pro option, which provides users with more comprehensive designs for larger cinema rooms.

“This launch brings the power of TCD into the media room realm; TCD has gone mainstream,” says TCD managing director Guy Singleton.

“TCD isn’t just for uber, 32-channel count theatres. The new Media Room option allows installers to very quickly specify multi-channel rooms and as with TCD’s Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro options, Media Room ensures the right speakers are specified for the right sized room and are installed in the correct places.”

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