Swann brings 4K Wired Pro Enforcer system to Australia

Home security company, Swann, has announced that its award-winning Swann 4K Wired Pro Enforcer security system has officially launched in Australia.

The Swann 4K Wired Pro Enforcer security system won the CES 2021 Innovation Honouree Award and TWICE Picks Award earlier this year, which honour outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

Swann’s Pro Enforcer security system offers a best-in-class wired surveillance system featuring 4K Ultra HD video, colour night vision, wide angle viewing, two-way talk, face recognition, person and vehicle detection, free recording and more.

It enables users to not only detect crime, but also prevent it, with capabilities including:

  • Crime deterrent technology including sensors that detect heat, movement, and/or people to trigger red and blue flashing lights, bright spotlights, sirens, push notifications, and two-way talk.
  • Night2Day technology that generates 4K colour night vision for up to 10m with the lights on, and up to 40m in black & white during total darkness, so users never miss a thing.
  • Two-way talk with the ability to scare intruders away or welcome visitors. You can also listen to audio in live mode and when playing back video
  • Smart analytics including facial recognition technology that enables users to protect their loved ones and be alerted of unwanted intruders by mobile notifications and to trigger video recording
  • The ability to integrate with other products in the Swann Security family via the Swann Security app

Swann vice president of global marketing Jeremy Stewart says: “The Swann 4K Wired Enforcer security system is the most advanced security system we have ever released, with powerful crime prevention features, and a nightmare for potential burglars. As we focus on designing feature-rich products that provide peace of mind, we’re thrilled to bring this smart, affordable and easy-to-use solution to Australia and make homes and businesses as safe as possible.”


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