Streaming media adapters on the way to all being 4K


ABI Research has found that streaming media adapters will reach nearly 56 million shipments in 2022 with all devices shipped to North America and Western Europe expected to be 4K.

Linear 24×7 streaming video services like DirecTV Now and YouTube TV has made streaming media more relevant in today’s society. ABI Research managing director and vice president Sam Rosen says that revenue opportunities for these devices will grow as each year goes by.

“4K streaming devices is just entering the market in the highest end products. 4K streaming devices represents about 35% and 24% of streaming device shipments in North America and Western Europe, respectively, in 2017,” says Sam.

“However, as penetration of 4K TVs grows, so will the revenue opportunities from UltraHD definition purchases and rentals, as well as premium early release content. Pricing premium for these formats represents substantial revenue opportunity for studios and streaming service providers, and this will drive a faster shift to 4K streaming media adapters.”

ABI Research industry analyst Khin Sandi Lynn also outlines the fact that streaming services are quickly replacing pay-TV with third party companies in Europe making a big stance.

“Video streaming services are increasingly becoming a replacement alternative for traditional pay-TV services as operators partner with third-party OTT players or start to offer standalone streaming services, such as Dish Networks’ Sling TV and Now TV by Sky in Europe,” Khin says.

“This abundance of low-cost and no-contract video streaming services drives the adoption of media streaming devices, which can be given freely or heavily subsidized for subscriber acquisition.”

ABI Research also found that the possibility of retail video streaming devices that support other streaming devices and smart TVs will still have their place in the market, whereas pay-TV boxes that don’t will struggle to hold its ground within the market.

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