Steinway Lyngdorf’s releases the small but powerful Model S Series

Steinway Model S Series

Danish manufacturer, Steinway Lyngdorf has released the Model S series of speakers designed for integration into a small or medium sized high performance home entertainment set-up.

The series includes the S-15 satellite speaker and the S-210 1-Way boundary woofer.

The S-15 Speaker sits 10” high and is a key component to the S-Series. It features an AER (Ambience Enhancing Radiation) dipole tweeter design which disperses the high frequencies. This delivers a spacious and live effect to the audience. Integrators can have the speaker free standing or hang it on a wall.

The S-210 1-Way boundary woofer is a 10” speaker projecting tonally accurate bass through its dual woofers while eliminating cabinet vibration. The manufacturer says don’t be fooled by its compact size as this does not hinder its ability to produce a powerful and clear sound.

The S-15 speaker works with the S-201 woofer in relegating the bass to ensure it produces incredible volume capabilities through mid and high range frequencies with zero distortion. Together they have sound projection capabilities which the manufacturer describes as ‘incredible’.

The S-Series employs high-efficiency, switching-type amplification, a technology Peter Lyngdorf helped pioneer more than a decade ago with his TacT amplifiers. It uses the company’s own RoomPerfect processing to correct for room acoustics problems. More digital signal processing fine-tunes each speaker’s performance. The components communicate through the Steinway Lyngdorf Digital Link, a high-resolution audio interface.

The speakers are bolted together to create a dense, solid, inert speaker ready to withstand the rigors of extremely high outputs.

The series is available in matte black, satin silver, high gloss black and high gloss white and is distributed by Advance Audio Australia.

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