Stealth Acoustics updates modular LED screens and speaker range

UntitledStealth Acoustics, which is distributed in Australia and NZ by QualiFi, is introducing its new Dimensions Display Systems (DDS) modular LED technology and the new Image Sub to European audiences at ISE 2017.

The new DDS uses high quality Image Cells developed by the DDS division of Stealth’s parent company Dimensional Communications Inc. (DCI), to provide an innovative, flexible modular and a value for money approach to building indoor P5 and P3 LED screens.

“DCI has gained significant experience over a number of years in the science, design and application of custom LED screens,” comments Stealth Acoustics vice president Steve Olszewski.

“We’re delighted to bring all this know-how to bear with the launch of our new DDS modular range, the next generation of screen technology.”

Designed, engineered and assembled at Stealth Acoustics’ US factory, the DDS Image Cells carry direct US Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) safety certifications from MET labs, as well as relevant EU certifications.

They offer high brightness, long term reliability and impressive performance for residential, commercial and public applications.

Stealth Acoustics has also unveiled the new Image Sub, an on-wall customisable sub-woofer that can match a room’s interior design scheme.

Complementing Stealth’s range of CoverArt speakers, the Image Sub is based on Stealth’s high-power dual 8” B30 invisible subwoofer architecture. It’s form-factored to match precisely with Image speakers and uses Stealth’s highly durable and solid “Fidelity Glass” flat front radiator surface with no grill openings, to provide total artistic free reign on the solution.

“Concealment remains an important factor for many homeowners in media room projects,” says Steve.

“Now, with our complete CoverArt line-up, there is no need to compromise on performance. There are very few, if any, low profile on wall solutions that sound as good, or play loud like the Image speaker and new Image Sub combination, especially if powered with our high-current amplifiers.”

Image Subs can be configured in stereo, 2.1 (stereo plus sub), 5.1, 7.2, or even ATMOS. They also fit well with Stealth’s SA255 monaural sub-woofer amplifier or Stealth’s A2400 dual channel amp, which includes built in DSP.

Designed for flanking flat-panel displays, or as a distributed artistic speaker solution, Image Subs extend bass response down to 35Hz, turning an Image speaker solution into a high performance and artistic, multi-channel surround sound system that outperforms unattractive sound bars.

For more information on the Image Sub and CoverArt range, visit Stealth Acoustics at Stand 5-R110 or go to

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