SpeakerCraft celebrates 40th anniversary with two new LCRs

SpeakercraftSpeakerCraft (distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Avation) is turning 40 and to celebrate, the company has expanded its popular AIM Series 2 range of architectural speakers with the launch of two new in-wall left-centre-right (LCR) speakers – the AIM LCR5 FIVE Series 2 and the AIM LCR5 TWO Series 2.
“There is no better way for SpeakerCraft to mark its 40th anniversary than with the development and introduction of these new speakers. We took the key technologies developed for the AIM Series 2 in-ceiling line and applied them to these new in-wall speakers,” says Core Brands’ SpeakerCraft product manager Matt Dever.
The new speakers employ the all-new Arrayed Point Source (APS) tweeter module, which incorporates three pivoting titanium dome tweeters mounted in a rotational sound baffle to precisely focus the high frequency sound into the targeted listening area, reducing unwanted reflections. Like their AIM Series 2 in-ceiling counterparts, the extra surface area from the three tweeters enables a lower crossover point; this delivers extra sound pressure in the midrange frequencies critical for crisp, clear dialogue.
“The technologies we crafted for the LCR – like the APS and our exclusive Acoustic Isolation Technology – help us really stand above the competition,” says senior director of acoustics Mike Strange.
Both of the new models incorporate dual, 5¼” woofers angled within the assembly to prevent ‘acoustic lobing’. And, both employ SpeakerCraft’s Acoustic Isolation Technology to minimise acoustic energy transfer to the mounting and surrounding surfaces.
The AIM LCR5 FIVE Series 2 matches its two woven Kevlar cone woofers with 1″ custom titanium dome tweeters. It boasts a 48Hz-22kHz frequency response with a power handling of 190W at 8Ω impedance. The AIM LCR5 TWO Series 2 pairs its two glass and carbon fibre cones with 1” custom soft dome tweeters. It delivers a frequency response of 52Hz-20kHz with a power handling of 135W at 8Ω impedance.
Both of these new in-walls can be paired with SpeakerCraft’s new Dolby Atmos enabled in-wall height speaker – the ATX100 – to take full advantage of the latest object-based surround audio systems, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

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