Sony launches new Vision Exchange for active learning and meetings

peqc130_3q_20170106_01Sony ANZ has announced the launch of Vision Exchange, the company’s intuitive collaboration solution that brings together students, lecturers and presenters in a dynamic workgroup-based environment.

Vision Exchange features paid licenses, including Active Learning (PEQA-C10), Remote Communication (PEQA-C20) and Streaming Output (PEQA-C30).

Active Learning

Active Learning uses a simple Pod PC structure and Sony’s Pod PC software (PES-C10). It’s easy to configure, scalable and capable of supporting up to 10 groups of bring your own device (BYOD).

The mirroring function allows each student to easily show what they’ve worked on and findings from other sources, as well as show content via their own device.

Facilitators or lecturers acting as administrator of the system can easily share materials to all screens and are capable of monitoring each group’s progress to quickly provide assistance while moving around the room.

Additionally, they can select any group’s presentation to display on either the main shared screen or the Pod screens of all groups for review or discussion alongside annotation function.

Sony Professional Solutions ANZ group manager of B&A Brad Hanrahan says traditional ‘one-way’ lectures are being steadily replaced with interactive methods that encourage deeper student engagement and understanding.

“There are other collaborative tools out there, reflecting a major shift from passive to active learning that’s become increasingly prevalent over the last decade. Until now this fast-growing market hasn’t been offered a workgroup-focused solution for today’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments with the power, flexibility and intuitive appeal of Vision Exchange.”

Remote Communication 

Remote Communication lets workgroups connect with other sites using standards-based videoconference systems, such as Sony’s SRG-120DU PTZ camera and PCS-A1 microphone.

Participants are able to share content from their own devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as images and annotations overlaid on images or whiteboard description in real-time.

Streaming Output

Using a separate recording server, Vision Exchange together with Streaming Output allows users to stream the discussion and lecture content displayed on the main shared screen to another location or devices using either multicast or unicast with RTP (H.264/AAC). This allows the session to be recorded for future distribution or archiving purposes.

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