Sony launches new laser light source Z-Phosphor projectors

Sony launches new laser light source Z-Phosphor projectorsSony is expanding its range of laser light source projectors with the introduction of two new models, VPL-PHZ10 (WUXGA) and VPL-PWZ10 (WXGA).

These models aim to make laser technology more cost-effective for the installation market and have been designed for applications including classrooms and meeting rooms.

The VPL-PHZ10 (WUXGA) and VPL-PWZ10 (WXGA) projectors bring the benefits of laser technology, including image quality, colour reproduction and virtually zero-maintenance, to customers who previously may have only been able to experience lamp-based projection.

They have a fixed wide zoom lens and light source with a total constant brightness of 4,500 lumens for up to 12,000 hours, depending on usage environment. This enables users to experience the projectors’ original level of image quality over five years in standard use, while achieving a maximum 5,000 lumens brightness when the constant brightness mode is off.

The new projectors have inherited many of the features from Sony’s existing laser models, including Reality Creation and BrightEra 3LCD panel technology, which reproduces red, green and blue components of an image separately to ensure natural-looking and vivid colours.

Sony’s laser light source means no lamp is needed to slowly warm up and cool down or to limit tilt angle. There is also no trade-off between high brightness and high resolution, with the projectors designed for energy efficiency thanks to their 3LCD engine.

Each projector has a compact blend-in slim design that makes them about 50% smaller and 30% lighter than Sony’s existing FHZ/FWZ laser models.

The new models have a wider lens shift range equipped with built-in HDBaseT interfaces, enabling easier connectivity and reducing total system costs by using a single cable which runs all the video, audio, control and IP signal up to 100m.

“Projector users need options, since every room is different with varying installation and environmental challenges. With these two new models, users now have the option of converting to laser throughout a facility where in the past a mix of laser and lamp models made more sense due to budget constraints,” says Sony Professional Solutions group manager of business and institutional Brad Hanrahan.

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