Sony introduces new true 4K HDR home theatre projectors



Sony has introduced its newest true 4K HDR home theatre projector models which include the entry-level VPL-VW285ES.

The VW 285ES delivers up to 200 inches in true 4K HDR and more than four times the resolution of full HD and is ideal for those who are just stepping foot into the home theatre market.

The VPL-VW285ES supports 4K HDR signals at 60p with 10-bit depth making it ideal for high frame rate movies. The TRILUMINOSTM DISPLAY provides a broad colour range while reproducing more tones and textures while having an operation time of up to 6,000 hours.

Sony has also announced the new VPL-VW385ES true 4K HDR home theatre projector. The VPL-VW385ES allows users to enjoy a smooth picture that gives high brightness and contrast ratio. With a dynamic contrast of 200,000:1, images are crisp with deep, rich blacks and detailed highlights.

Because of the Advanced Iris feature, cinema viewers and gamers are able to see bright highlights and dark scenes in extended detail.

Both models include Sony’s Reality Creation feature which provides a clearer picture quality on 4K content and improved upscaling from HD content that results in a better image across the board.

“Sony’s newest line-up of true 4K HDR home theatre projectors delivers the engagement experience for cinema-viewers and gamers of all genres,” says Sony president and chief operating officer Mike Fasulo.

“The new projector line provides an entry-level for those seeking to elevate their viewing experience to true 4K with the VW285ES or reach further into image perfection with the VW385ES home theatre projector experience.”

User and Installation Friendly

The VPL-VW285ES and VPL-VW385ES projectors are made for the consumer through the ease of installation.

These models include the latest technologies to make home theatre more enjoyable for end users while still being easy to install for dealers. The compact sizes of allow installation in smaller rooms while still making use of large screens to optimise the viewing experience.

In addition, the quiet operation of these projectors has no effect on the atmosphere of the quietest movie scenes. The VPL-VW385ES includes Picture Position Memories, which stores custom settings so that anyone can quickly watch movies in their ideal screen format.

Sony has also announced that Kaleidescape will partner with the company to provide new promotional offers for consumers who purchase a Sony 4K HDR projector and Kaleidescape 4K player.

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