Sonos releases software update


Sonos has released its software version 6.4, and with it comes some fundamental navigation changes and improved usability.

For a start, users no longer need to select ‘play now’ or ‘play next’ when choosing a song – instead a single tap on a phone or tablet will suffice, as will a double click on a computer.  Users can now start any song from an album, playlist or your queue, Sonos will then continue to play whatever’s next in the track list.

Queue building has also changed slightly, instead of the ‘play now, play next, add to end of queue’ options opening up when you tap the track title, these can now be accessed by touching the three dots (***) to the right of it.

The new version will also issue a prompt to either ‘cancel and save queue as is’ or ‘play anyway’ whenever you decide to play something new after editing your queue and also displays ‘play all’ and ‘shuffle’ controls at the top of all album and playlist screens.

Room grouping has been simplified too, allowing users to send playlists from room to room.

System requirements

Sonos 6.4 supports the following OS versions:

  • Android: Android 4.0 and higher (certain features require higher versions of Android)
  • iOS: iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS)
  • macOS: 10.9 and higher
  • Windows: Windows 7 and higher

Warning: iOS 6 users
Apple devices running iOS 6, including iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (4th gen), cannot use Sonos 6.4.

Warning: partially supported controllers
Upon installing 6.4, Sonos controllers on these operating systems will become Partially Supported Controllers:

  • Android: 2.2, 2.3, and 3.x
  • iOS: 7.0 (iPhone 4)
  • Windows: XP and Vista™
  • macOS: 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Partially supported controllers can still browse, search, and play music. But they’ll no longer be able to perform less frequent tasks like setting up Sonos components, adding new services, or changing room EQ settings.


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