Sonos and ayControl KNX – Advantages

When integrating your Sonos audio system with ayControl, you can perform commands like changing the volume, play, pause, etc. directly from within the ayControl KNX app. This features is not intended to replace the Sonos app – we rather wanted to provide you with even more comfort in your smart home.

Save money! No further costs for additional hardware

Using Sonos with ayControl requires no additional hardware. You do not need an expensive (home) server or another complicated KNX module to integrate Sonos into your KNX smart home.

ayControl KNX Sonos integration: Play, Volume etc. controls on iPhone

Control Sonos with wall-mounted KNX buttons + EcoPilot

Sonos and the Sonos app are great, but sometimes you just want to control the music playback without having to use a smartphone. How about changing the volume or switching radio stations with a wall-mounted button in the kitchen? Or turning off the music when pressing the “Leave” button next to your home’s front door in the vestibule? With ayControl and EcoPilot, such comfort functions can easily be implemented.

You can find more information about triggering EcoPilot rules with wall-mounted KNX buttons here.

More comfort with ayControl and EcoPilot rules

Create EcoPilot rules which access the Sonos and KNX system. Here are some examples:

  • Clock radio: Wake up to your favourite radio station starting relatively silently (volume 10) while the blinds are starting to be half opened. 5 minutes later the volume automatically increases to your desired ‘get out of bed volume’ while the blinds are going to be fully open.
  • Automatically stop the music if the “Exit Home” KNX button is pressed at the entrance.
  • Door bell: The music is paused when someone rings at the door. You will never again miss the bell.
  • Alarm system and fire detector: All music is stopped when an alert is triggered. This way you won’t miss the alarm signal and can react faster.
  • Weather warning: A special audio track (e.g. a warning signal) is played when the wind speed rises above a defined limit.


For sure you’ll have other ideas on how you’ll combine the Sonos multiroom audio system with KNX to get more convenience and safety. The possibilities are virtually endless. We’d love to hear from you!

Here you can find more information about the ayControl KNX configuration of Sonos functionality with the ayControl Editor.

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