Simplicity is key with Simaudio’s latest music player

moon music player

Simaudio has released the MOON Neo ACE, an all-in-one music player which combines all home audio systems into one convenient, simplistic music player.

The Neo ACE can virtually do anything expected of a high performance audio component, without all the unnecessary hassle of a complicated set up and extra add-ons. The ACE has been designed with state of the art technology, including a moving magnet phono pre-amplifier.

Extra cords or electronic equipment are not needed to connect turntables, smartphones or laptops to an amplifier. The Neo ACE combines it all into one, to create a fine sounding, high resolution delivery. MOON provides listeners with a visceral tight bass, transparent midrange, precise natural highs and a pure lifelike sound.

Unlike other members of the MOON Neo range, the ACE is the first MOON model to also include OLED type screen. The inclusion adds extra simplicity and interactivity to the ACE experience, whereby detailed information of the audio playing is illuminated on the screen.

Simaudio’s new MiND app, available on Apple and Android devices, provides an extra level of convenience for listeners to wirelessly connect to the ACE with the tap of a finger. MiND includes a full graphic interface and allows users to effortlessly access their digital music library with power and flexibility.

Simaudio’s newest member of the MOON Neo range also boasts the most configurable set-up software, ensuring that every music enthusiast has convenient access to the best available audio technology.

The Neo ACE will be available for purchase in a sleek black finish as standard with a two-tone finish available on special order.

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