SI to launch ‘floating’ projector screens at CEDIA 2016

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Tech is becoming more compact and less intrusive. TVs are getting slimmer, computers are reducing in size and even the stands and mounts that hold our tech are marketed on its ability to be hidden.

With the release of the Zero-G, projector screens seem to have reached a point where it’s hard to a imagine a version less intrusive or compact.

Screen Innovations (SI) latest offering is a motorised projection screen that appears to be floating in midair and rolls away when not in use.

Cables are colour-matched to their surroundings using SI’s proprietary ‘colour matching system’ in order to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Since Zero-G is suspended by cables it can be placed anywhere in a room, even in front of windows or an art-deco wall.

The screen comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio and in sizes up to 160-inches diagonally making it suitable for large residential or commercial installations.

SI chief innovator Ryan Gustafson says Zero-G has been creating a lot of buzz in the industry.

“Many of our competitors have been taking pictures of it at our trade-shows, trying to figure it out,” he says.

The next trade-show SI will attend is CEDIA where the manufacturer will be giving away two of the Zero-G screens.

Digital Projection has also joined the giveaway, offering the M-Vision 320 projector, combined with a 120” Zero-G Slate for the first giveaway package. The second giveaway will be for a 120” Zero-G Slate Screen.

To enter draw one: drop a business card in one of the specially marked contest boxes located under SI’s screens in the CEDIA education or meeting rooms. The draw will take place at midday on Friday, day 2, at SI’s booth #5735. You must be present to win.

To enter draw two: play a ping pong match at SI’s booth to qualify and drop a card, as indicated above. This drawing will take place at midday at SI’s booth on day 3.  You do not need to be present to win.

 Zero-G will be available to order from the first day of CEDIA on 15 September. This includes shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

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