Sennheiser to expand ‘Sennheiser for Business’ portfolio at ISE 2017


At ISE 2017, taking place from February 7-10 in Amsterdam, Sennheiser will be expanding its comprehensive range of dedicated business products with two new conferencing solutions:

  • The TeamConnect Wireless Set Tray M offers Sennheiser’s innovative wireless conferencing solution in a new smaller configuration for up to 12 participants.
  • The all-new SL Boundary 114-S DW microphone brings even greater flexibility and ease of use to its SpeechLine family of speech-dedicated microphones, with a fully wireless microphone that ensures effortless room set up and cable-free charging.

The ‘Sennheiser for Business’ covers “four key areas that include personal communication, meeting & conferencing, presentation and visitor information”. At ISE this year, the main focus will be on ‘conferencing solutions’ and Sennheiser will showcase two new products dedicated to this market: The TeamConnect Wireless Set Tray M and the new SL Boundary 114-S DW microphone.

“Audio excellence has always been at the heart of our business at Sennheiser, but today, high quality sound is moving to the heart of every business. Globally, the way we work is being transformed by digital and mobile technologies that are accelerating the increase in remote working and the ubiquity of flexible open plan offices. These cultural shifts are driving demand for quality audio that can enable effective communication,” said Andy Niemann, Director Business Communication.

“With our 360° portfolio we are bringing even greater focus to our efforts to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of this fast growing market.”

2017 sees Sennheiser expand its TeamConnect Wireless range with the TeamConnect Wireless Set Tray M. This more compact configuration – with two rather than four satellites – is a perfect solution for dedicated meeting rooms and conferences for up to 12 participants. Boasting award-winning design, the portable wireless conference system provides excellent sound for online meetings. It is extremely easy to set up and host a professional-sounding online meeting in an instant in any room.

TeamConnect_Wireless_2_Front_Tray_and_Stations_2_RGB_redThe new Set Tray M now offers this innovative solution with two portable satellites that can be charged with its elegant stationary charging and docking tray. The system delivers multiple connectivity options with any smartphone, laptop or PC via Bluetooth, USB, or 3.5mm jack – brilliant flexibility to cater for a broad range of Unified Communications demands.

Dedicated to speech, the new SL Boundary 114- S DW extends the capability of the TeamConnect conferencing system with a wireless solution. The cable free microphone is easily adapted to any conference setting, while its wide coverage ensures that conference participants don’t need to speak directly into or even sit close to the microphone as it automatically picks up and enhances the voices of speakers’ in the room. The SL Boundary 114-S DW also offers the simplicity of wireless charging and can be charged with Sennheiser’s recently-launched CHG 2W wireless charging solution. The CHG 2W uses inductive power transmission to provide convenient wireless charging for two mobile devices simultaneously.

SpeechLine_DW_Boundary_Mic_RGB_redThe SL Boundary 114-S DW can also be charged via USB.

As with all Sennheiser for Business solutions, the new microphone delivers a winning combination of performance, flexibility and intuitive fuss-free set-up and operation. The microphone itself provides clear battery life indication via dedicated battery status LEDs, while intuitive and easy set-up and detailed monitoring and control is possible with Sennheiser’s comprehensive Control Cockpit software suite.

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