Screen Innovations introduce Tiles


Screen Innovations (SI), has announced the introduction of Tiles: a new screen tiling system for the video wall category.  Built with the company’s Black Diamond screen technology, Tiles can go as large as 288” wide by 162” tall (330” diagonal), and is 4K/8K+ rated and UHD/HDR ready.

“Our Black Diamond material combined with our unique Tiles has created a product that is not only competitive from a performance standpoint but also relieves all of the headaches associated with installation and maintenance of video walls that integrators are well aware of.  What’s more, our Tiles product is typically less than half the price of standard video walls,” says SI director of marketing Skyler Meek.

For commercial installations such as bars and nightclubs, large venues and the like, video walls have become very popular because of their performance in high-ambient light situations. The SI system is different because it’s bringing two-piece projection back into the mix.

“Where white and gray screens can’t compete with high-performing video walls, our Black Diamond material makes it possible to have a high-contrast image in high ambient light environments. It’s maintenance free (except for the occasional gentle dusting), future proof with 4k+ resolution and UHD/HDR capability and requires only a single light source. Another major plus is that the configuration process for Tiles is already 75% completed out of the box, greatly simplifying the installation process for our customers,” says Skyler.

“We introduced Black Diamond in 2008, which created a massive paradigm shift in the two-piece projection industry. Many competitors have attempted (unsuccessfully) to copy the magic of Black Diamond and have created their own ALR type offerings, but have only come to market with those products within the last couple years. We are coming up on our 10th year with Black Diamond and are on our 23rd revision of the material and to this day it is still the performance leader in the market. With Tiles, now it can go big – and that’s no small thing.”

SI Tiles will be available in Australia in the last quarter of 2016 through Network AV.

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