Screen Excellence develop Audio Excellence Series


Screen Excellence chief executive Patrice Congard has developed the Audio Excellence Series.

Created to complement the A.T. film screen, it consists of limited-range high-SPL speakers used as LCRs behind the film screen and subwoofers, rack-mountable, multi-channel amplifiers and DSP crossovers as the surrounds.

Using the “Congard Code”, a home theatre sound system design methodology that maximises the initial wavefront from the LCR, the systems deliver what Patrice claims is “the most realistic and powerful bass response achieved in a home theatre sound system today.”

Screen Excellence tapped into CEDIA 2017 to showcase its Audio Excellence series in the US. The systems have been designed to recreate an experience at the cinemas with products that are high quality and are supported by a five year warranty.

Vertex LCRs / Surrounds

The Vertex series has three high-SPL loudspeakers that operate from 100 Hz to 22 kHz and are paired with a subwoofer through an outboard DSP crossover. Due to the slim design, they can be used either in or on a wall behind the screen, or as surrounds.

Vertex 3 is a high sensitivity, 3-way, bi-amplified LCR that is capable of reaching 500W.

Vertex 2 is a compact 2-way speaker designed for LCR or surround.

Vertex 1 is smallest in the range and is ideal for surround sound.

The front and rear of the enclosures are made from steel to ensure a robust design. To prevent any sort of edge diffraction, the fronts are finished with absorbent foam and because of the small enclosures, limit throw excursion of the driver cones. Optional custom-printed artwork grilles are available to suit any decor.
Raijuu Subwoofers

The Raijuu series showcases two compact subwoofers (Raijuu 1 and 2) that operate from 20 Hz to 100 Hz. Raijuu 2 is a vented sub which boasts an 18” driver and handles a power capacity of 1400W.

Raijuu 1 is a small sub with 4” depth and uses a 12” driver. Raijuu can be used in a modular approach to create a huge subwoofer effect.

Quattro Amps

The Quattro 06 is a 4-channel amplifier which can deliver high current and high voltage on 4 channels all at the same time. The amp delivers 600W per channel in 8ohms, 4x1200W in 4ohms and 2x2400W in 8ohms.

Quattro 04 is similar to the 06 with the only difference it’s power rating – 400W per channel. This makes it ideal for small systems or ceiling channels.

Octo 05 Amp

The Octo 05 is an 8-channel power amplifier operating in Class D. The amp is capable of 8x500W per channel in 8-ohms or 900W in 4ohms.

Combination Digital Signal Processor /Amp

The DSP Quattro 06 uses a digital active crossover with a 4-channel high-power amplifier. Any of its 4 input signals can be routed to any output (or added on any single output) which makes it ideal for powering the L, C, R channel speakers.

DSP Crossover

The DP 48 MKII digital active crossover has four inputs that can be routed to any of its eight outputs. These signals can also be added on any single output. The unit also has an important DSP crossover feature which includes parametric and shelving equalisation and delays.

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